It is distinctively clear that drone technology is increasingly popular in the real estate industry. Most realtors have opted to adopt this technology with the aim of giving a complete picture to potential buyers in a bid to induce sales. According to Don Roger, a Toronto lawyer, the drone videos that captured at sky high levels have really improved the enthusiasm when it comes to listing different homes for sale. The application of this technology by his realtor during the sale of his 20-year Port Hope home placed his hopes high as he marveled at the great exposition provided by the drone video.

With the consistent dynamic shifts into the modern technology and internet era, this drone technology has indeed brought great change in the way real estate is viewed. Actually, everything has been made much easier in a clear and efficient way. Despite the geographical barrier, nowadays those willing to buy homes can conduct a virtual survey facilitated by the drone video and conclude whether the house is worth buying or not.

According to Robert Holowka who is both a videographer and photographer focusing on real estate, he points out that drone videos has completely transformed the way he currently sell different homes. He further adds that the drone he owns has enabled him to sell multi-million properties. Besides, drones has made it faster and easier to locate different properties within a particular real estate.

What are benefits associated with drone technology? Tonny Pulla, a listing agent clearly states that drone technology appears to be the current markets best option due to its affordability, efficiency and beautiful end product. Pulla had previously hired aircrafts for the purpose of capturing photographs before opting for the potentially marketable drone technology. Pulla also adds that despite the expectation of meeting potential customers personally, there is a possibility that some clients might be physically unavailable. Thus an internet platform to reach out to them through drone video is very valuable.

Drone technology for marketing and commercial purposes. This in turn has affected Condo Marketing firm (that operates under the website from initiating such marketing strategies using drone technology.

Meanwhile, other individuals who have applied drone technology (after hiring from drone Hub Media) in marketing their highly-priced properties include Dan Cooper, a veteran realtor from Oakville. In his statement, he explains that drone technology not only improves marketing but also results to quick sale of listings through justifying the worth of the entire property. According to the co-founder of Drone Hub Media, Bailey Roubos, a video tends to disseminate more information than just a picture. The 4k-technology adopted by the drone video is the best way to show off a property.

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