How would we quote your project?

There are a few factors that influence the project cost.

Job type

Some jobs could require simply showing up and spending a few hours on site. More complex projects could take more time and some subsequent hustle, e.g., getting permissions from Local authorities and Nav Canada.


Every project is different, and our goal is to capture your vision in the most efficient way possible. Sometimes we will have spent only a few hours on site but end up needing extra time to get the required visual results due to the complexity of the task. Some projects might also require prior planning such as automated flight paths or prior site visits to plan the work.


Our general area of operations is within the GTA. We can venture further but the extra
fee will be discussed and quoted prior to the go ahead.


Specific projects might be more suited to a single drone such as cinematic shots and photography. We also offer smaller, more dynamic First person View (FPV) Drones, to fly close to the subject and even inside buildings to create impressive videos.


It is our pleasure to offer this service and bring your vision to life. We want our customers to be able to get the best final product. We can create the exact video for you so that you can access the media in its final form and post it to social media or anywhere you like. We will be with you from the planning phase to the final cut to be sure you will have the perfect project. Depending on the complexity and the number of edits the price may vary. If you do not require the service, we can offer you high quality raw media, so you can edit it as you prefer.

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