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We develop and implement efficient photo and video drone solutions for businesses and individuals in Toronto, GTA, and around. Areas of application include Project Monitoring, Photogrammetry & Land Surveys, 3D Mapping, Time-Lapse Videos, and more.

Videodrone is a collaboration of highly skilled professionals, combining our expertise in the fields of Commercial Aviation Piloting, Film & Video Production, and Information Technology. Together, with the help of cutting-edge Drone technology, we are able to bring you breathtaking scenes and backgrounds which have previously been impossible to capture. Choose Videodrone if you need expert aerial cinematography and photography.

Construction Monitoring

Aerial perspective

Land Development & Mapping

Industrial site overviews


3D view of any area

Video Production

Complete video editing services

Our Valued Customers

Videodrone Brick Factory

A great project using all the different drones together to create a dynamic view of the Brampton Brick factory.

James Snow Park Project

This ongoing project shot on April 26th 2023, shows how in one 3 and a half minute video you can have a great view of the work and progress of a large multi building construction project.

Advanced Operations Pilot Certificate

Videodrone is the proud owner of the advanced operations pilot certificate.
It allows us to fly in controlled airspace, as well as operate near (between 16.4ft up to 100ft) people; and operate over (less than 16.4ft) people.
All our drones are fully insured, registered and approved by Transport Canada.
Our chief pilot is Canadian Airline pilot who takes drones safety extremely seriously.
+1 (289) 987-0747
Monday-Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 8pm
Sunday: Closed

Drone Photography & Video

We specialize in expert aerial cinematography and photography for various types of visual materials and products

Experienced Professionals

We combine expertise in the fields of Commercial Aviation Piloting, Film and Video Production and Information Technology.

Completely Custom

Get impressive drone footage shot in 4K HD quality. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee