Complete Drone Flight Solutions

Videodrone is a collaboration of highly skilled professionals, combining our expertise in the fields of Commercial Aviation Piloting, Film and Video Production and Information Technology. Together, with the help of cutting-edge Drone technology, we can bring you breathtaking scenes and backgrounds which have previously been impossible to capture. The Videodrone team specializes in expert aerial cinematography and photography.


CEO/Drone Operator/Camera Operator

“I love everything about aviation, and I enjoy solving challenging UAV tasks that require a wider set of piloting skills and knowledge. What started as a small hobby many years ago soon has grown into a decent business and an important part of my life. I take pride in every project we deliver.”

Philippe has 25 years of experience in Commercial Aviation (Airline/Corporate Pilot) and over 10 years of experience as a Drone Pilot/operator. He has great passion and enthusiasm for Unmanned aerial Vehicles and has graduated Transport Canada Approved courses with distinction, holding a perfect flight safety record.

Philippe’s extensive knowledge of UAV/ Drone technology combined with attention to his client’s vision and specific requests has resulted in long lasting professional relationships in the Greater Toronto Area.


Drone Operator

“I have always been interested in everything that flies.  I feel that flying drones is a logical progression of my career and an excellent way to leverage my flying and safety expertise.  It is a fascinating occupation.”

Claude’s career in Aviation spans 50 years. He has a Master’s in Engineering and has flown military jets, helicopters and Commercial Airlines.

Claude’s drone involvement started after his retirement when he started with fixed-wing remotely piloted aircraft to progress to quadcopters as the technology evolved. 

Our Valued Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge travelling expenses to locations?

It depends on the location. Within GTA – no additional cost.

  • Within Greater Toronto and Montreal Area – no additional cost
  • 30 mins up to 45 mins travelling time – $50
  • 45 mins up to 60 mins travelling time – $75
  • 60 mins up to 75 mins travelling time $ 100
  • More than 75 mins  – to be discussed
Do you carry drone specific aerial insurance?

Yes. We are currently insured for a minimum of $1,000,000 in Civil Liability. We can increase our coverage as required per project.

Do you depend on the weather?

Yes, main concerns are the wind and precipitation. We do not fly our drones in winds exceeding 30km/h and if raining or snowing. In case of the bad weather, flights will be reschedule ASAP at no additional cost.

Do you sell or repair drones?

No, we don’t.

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