Time Lapse Video demo from Videodrone

This 2 year project was created using precise automated planning and impressive drone technology to create a time lapse video and inform the Client about the progression of a massive Construction Project.

real estate drone photo

Large object construction monitoring, 2021

Using precise flight planning and drone technology we were able to show off the construction of this building from begining to completion

real estate uav photo

Brampton Brick plant demo

Create a Dynamic video to showcase your plant and inform your clients of your production progress.

real estate drone photo

Architecture / Background

Recreate the exact Background for your 3d project through precise planning and drone technology.

Showcase future views of a high-rise or condo before it is built.

residential property aerial photo

James Snow Park Project

This ongoing project shot on April 26th 2023, shows off how in one 3 and a half minute video you can have a great view of the work and progress of a large multi building construction project.

Large Construction One Take video

Video showcasing an automated one-shot video showing off the progress of a large project in a short 4-minute video.

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