Our Drone services include Construction Project Monitoring, Commercial & Residential, Land Development & Mapping, Video Production and Flight Review

Construction Project Monitoring

Aerial perspective

Commercial and Residential

Drone videos for the real estate market

Video Production

Complete video editing services

Land Development and Mapping

Industrial site overviews

Flight Review

Further your Drone Career

Drones can take bird’s eye picture of the houses and condos that are up for sale using a flying camera. They are a unique and useful tool for taking photos of properties that are on sizeable plots.

The aerial photography technology gives people a better look at properties for sale, giving buyers a feel for the lay of the land without being there in person.

Aerial photos and videos allow agents to showcase certain attributes of a property that are difficult to showcase in traditional imagery, such as the expanse of a home’s mountain views and the distance from neighbouring homes.

The true advantage of utilizing drones, based on the testimonies of early adopters of the tech in the news, is that you stand to benefit from the large audience your drone’s camera footage will receive online, which will broaden your customer base by making your properties more appealing to potential out-of-town buyers who can’t immediately view the home in person.

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