About Us

Complete Drone Flight Solutions

Videodrone is a collaboration of highly skilled professionals, combining our expertise in the fields of Commercial Aviation Piloting, Film and Video Production and Information Technology. Together, with the help of cutting-edge Drone technology, we are able to bring you breathtaking scenes and backgrounds which have previously been impossible to capture. The Videodrone team specialize in expert aerial cinematography and photography.


Meet The Team

videodrone ceo

Philippe Saint-Martin

CEO/Drone Operator/Camera Operator

Philippe has 20 years of experience in Commercial Aviation (Airline and Corporate Pilot) and over 6 years of experience as a Drone Pilot. He has great passion and enthusiasm for remote-controlled aircraft aviation and has graduated Transport Canada Approved courses with distinction, holding a perfect flight safety record.

Philippe’s extensive knowledge of drone technology combined with his mechanical and electrical skills has established him as an authority on building, servicing, flying, and customizing drones in the Greater Toronto Area.

UAV operator rohan

Rohan D’Souza

Drone Operator/Camera Operator

Rohan’s passion for aviation as a child led him towards a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He started his engineering career initially by gaining valuable experience as a Project Engineer in the Automotive industry before he joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Aerospace Engineer and then as a Pilot. He now had over 14 years of Commercial Aviation experience before venturing into the Drone Industry. As a new member of the team, he is here to bring his experience and professionalism to our clients.

UAV operator richard

Richard Podolski

Drone Operator/Camera Operator

Richard is an RPAS Operator, examiner, and Airline Transport Pilot. During his aviation career, he was the Chief Flight Instructor for one of Canada’s largest flight training schools and has held Chief Pilot and Operations Manager positions for several companies in Canada and abroad.

Richard’s flying career also includes service with the United Nations, VIP private charter, and aerial survey experience. During his time in the aviation industry, Richard started a UAV/UAS drone consulting and training company and was a founding member and director of a drone site assessment software tool developer. Richard is actively involved in the drone industry, speaking at Unmanned Systems Of Canada events and helping to develop Transport Canada’s revised UAS pilot training requirements standard.

Richard brings his 25 years of aviation experience, management, and training to the Videodrone team.